Terry St Clair – If I Fall In Love With You chords

If I Fall In Love With You - Terry St Clair
official website: http://www.terrystclair.com/

Intro   D A D A 
D G A Can I help it if I fall in love with you
D G Acan I help it if I think of only you
Em A D Gdo you want me to turn away come back again some day
Em A D if you don't mind I think I 'd rather stay around
2ND Verse (Chords the same as 1st verse)
D G A There was a time when I would cry at night for you
D G Aand now I lie awake until the morning new
Em A It’s getting harder all the time
D Gso when will you be mine
Em A D If you don't answer I think I'm gonna cry again
F#m Bm I've been through this all before you can't fool me now
F#m Bm Can't you see that I will see through you somehow
D A G-Em A A7If you can't make up your mind then I...........will understand
D G A Can't you see that I’ll be sad without you near
D G Aand I don't mind telling you just how I feel
Em A D GIt’s a long way I have come I don't wanna run
Em A D I feel sure that someday your gonna love me too
Repeat chorus and 1st verse
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