Brushing Teeth And Tangerines chords with lyrics by Tessa Violet - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tessa Violet – Brushing Teeth And Tangerines chords

CCan I ask you a question?
CYou can drive and I will read you the directions,
CLike your smile, like your style, I like hearing all about you
CWhen I go do you miss me?
CWhen I'm gone do you ever think to kiss me?
CI said left in a mile, forty feet is not a mile
F CI don't always sing in tune,
F CBut boy when you're around you know my melodies are full of you,
F C E Am I like you even more than a major minor four,
F Fm CI wouldn't mind if you were knocking at my door
CWhen you're up come on over,
CGet some sun to the freckles on your shoulders,
Ctake the day we can play see which one of us is stronger
CThere's a couch that'd like to meetzya,
CAnd I know someone who'd really like to feetzya,
CLiving room would be doomed without you to come compleetzya
F CIt's not my favorite thing,
F CBeing far apart was made for brushing teeth and tangerines,
F C E AmBut trust this melody from LA to Tennessee
F Fm CDarling I think you might be the one for me
[Interlude] F C F C F C E Am
F Fm CDarling I think you might be the one for me
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