Thaddeus Dale Johnson - So Many Roads chords

G C GDon’t forget where you came from
C A A# ADon’t get lost on your long way home
G C G CYou’ve seen a lot…You changed your heart
G C A A# AYou’ve been down…so many roads…
G C GDon’t forget the things you love so
C A A# AYou hold them close and then let them go
G C GYou had a lot…to give away
G C A A# AThere’s nothing you…could ever own
C G…don’t stay gone too long
C G Dyou’ll always have a place here
C Ghome is where the heart belongs
C G Ddon’t be a stranger…
G C Gsave me a place a the table
C A A# AI’ll be home before the sun goes down
G C G CGood men get lost…in this old world
G C A A# AI been down…so many roads…
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