Thao – Violet chords

C Oh no, Violet, don't you go
GViolet, Violet, don't you go (x2)
am d7I will keep my station wagon stationary
am d7And I will learn to juggle all the things we carry
C gMust be hard on your bodyguards
D7When you charge at icicles
Eye level to your heart And then you sing,
C g d7 am d7"Don't they need any? Won't they need any? Won't they? They won't. Won't
amthey? They won't."
cOh no, Violet, don't you go
gViolet, Violet, don't you go (x2)
Am d7I built a light tower for my town pillar
Am d7Low fly an aircraft dark on a...
Gonna kill her
C I laid these bricks
gYou want stones
cYou won't be carried
gYou must be thrown
D7Oh no, Violet, oh no
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