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The 1975 – Sex chords

The 1975 - Sex
Acoustic Guitar Tab for this version of the song:

To play along with the video you will have to tune up every string by a fraction

Capo 6

The best way to play this song is to finger pick the chords and fiddle around with the 
extra notes I have added (eg. hammering and pulling them off). In the video he hits the 
strings on beats 2 and 4 of every bar.

C Extra notes F* Extra notes G Extra notes Am7 Extra notese|--0-,(3),(1)-------0-,(1),(3)-------0-,(0^3)----------0--------------|b|--1-,(0),(3)-------0-,(1),(3),------0-,(0^1),(0^3)----1-,(0^1)-------|g|--0----------------0----------------0-----------------0--------------|d|--2-,(0^3),(3^0)---2----------------0-----------------2--------------|a|--3----------------3----------------2-----------------0--------------|e|--0----------------1----------------3-----------------x--------------|
Start: C, G
CAnd this is how it starts
F GYou take your shoes off in the back of my van
CMy shirt looks so good
F GWhen it's just hanging off your back
CShe said use your hands and my spare time
G Am7We've got one thing in common it's this tongue of mine
F GShe said she's got a boyfriend anyway
CThere's only minutes before I drop you off
FAnd all we seem to do it talk about sex
She's got a boyfriend anyway
GShe's got a boyfriend anyway
CI love your friend when I saw his film
FHe's got a funny face but I like that because he still looks cool
She's got a boyfriend anyway
G FShe's got a boyfriend anyway
GNow we are on the bed in my room
And I'm about to fill his shoes
Am7But you say no
GYou say no
F GDoes he take care of you
Or could I easily fill his shoes
Am7You say no
GYou say no
Interlude: F, F, Am7, G, F, G
C GAnd now we're just outside of town
Am7 FAnd you're making your way down
She's got a boyfriend anyway
GShe's got a boyfriend anyway
CAnd I'm not trying to stop you love
G Am7 FBut if we're gonna do anything we might as well just ....
She's got a boyfriend anyway
GShe's got a boyfriend anyway
C GYou've got your tongue pierced anyway
Am7 FYou in your hightops anyway
GYou in your skinny jeans anyway
C GYou and your fit friends anyway
Am7 FI'd take them all out any day
They've all got back combs anyway
G CYou've all got boyfriends anyway
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