The 1975 – Woman chords

Capo 9

Intro: C F G

C Am7 FAs she mistakes my name I see the light come around
C Am7And strange as it seems I'm bursting at the seams
F G COh I've got a woman now
C Am7Her wallet photos don't turn me on
F GI feel her hand come around
C Am7And her stone-wash denim jeans are darker than they seemed
F G COh I've got a woman now
Am7 FShe said, "My name is Eileen, boy that's all you need"
G Ab/G Am7 Oh, and "this one's on the house I don't mind"
C Am7It all tastes the same
F GBut boy there's something different about your mouth
C Am7You try chasing dreams, man it's harder than it seems
F G Ab/G Am7 GOh I've got a woman now
F G COh I've got a woman now
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