The 5th Dimension – Aquarius Let The Sunshin In chords

"Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In"
                       (Rado - Ragni - MacDermot)

Intro [bass]:

[Cm] v v v v [8X]
-----------------| -----------------| -3-----3-3-------| -------------3---|
Verse [first three lines over intro bass pattern]:
Ebmaj7/C F/C Gm/C When the moon is in the seventh house
Ebmaj7/C F/C Gm/C And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Ebmaj7/C F/C Gm/C Then peace will guide the planets
Eb F Bb And love will steer the stars
Ab This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Cm Age of Aquarius
F Cm Aquarius Aquarius
[2: repeat "Aquarius... Aquarius"; to coda]
Bb Eb Harmony and understanding
Bb Eb Sympathy and trust abounding
Bb Eb No more falsehoods or derisions
Cm Bb/D Eb Golden living dreams of visions
G7/D Cm Mystic crystal revelations
Fm Gm And the mind's true liberation
Fm Cm Aquarius Aquarius
[repeat intro] [repeat verse] Coda ("Let The Sunshine In") [repeat to fade, no lyrics first time]:
Bm F#7 Let the sunshine
Bm Let the sunshine
G D The sunshine in
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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