Dead And Gone tab with lyrics by The Absence - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Absence – Dead And Gone tab

This song is so freaking awesome. Actually this whole CD is a tribute to everything 
Death Metal is and should be.

I'm in the process of tabbing all the cool riffs on the album, so this and World Divides 
my first two. So here's the intro. I'm pretty sure these guys play in C standard tuning 
whole steps down), so that's what I tabbed it in.

C------------------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------------------|Eb-----------------------------------------------------------|Bb----------------------------------rinse-and-repeat---------|F--3^4~----5-7--875---5-7^8-7^8-875--------------------------|C-------000-0-00---000-0-------0-----------------------------| *** * ** *** * ****
NOTE: The double 7^8 bend in the riff is really quick, it almost just a quick tremolo (~), but not quite. You could potentially just hit 7 twice and it would sound similar, but you listen to the song, he does bend it twice quickly. ^ =bend up to ~ =manual tremolo bend * =muted note
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