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The Adrian William Project – Wondering tab

			     WONDERING - The Adrian William Project
Tabbed by: tawp
To listen to how the song is played, go to: Myspace.com/adrianwilliamproject

Tuning: Standard (Capo 2) 

All of the chords are palm muted except for the last part

These are the chords for all of the verse. Just repeat them over and over. Listen to the track to see where the words and chords go =] Verse Lyrics: "I could tell you, all the things to make you, fall in love with me" "Its happening quickly, but we're moving slowly, we've got things to do" "We're laughing and smiling, our friendships compiling, we're just having fun" "You're so much more than i ever expected, hoping if i ask you that i wont get rejected" Okay now time to get ready for the chorus. The chords are going to start on "today i will" And I put the chords right where you would play them on the words =] Pre-Chorus:
Today i will, ask you if you feel the samee|---0-----0-----------0-----0----|B|---0-----0-----------0-----0----|G|---4-----4-----------4-----4----| X2D|---2-----2-----------4-----2----|A|---0-----4-----------2-----0----|E|---x-----x-----------x-----0----|
Chorus!!!! These 3 chords are the only ones use in the chorus.
Chorus Lyrics: "I would love you know what you love, "with butterflies that seem to build, as the night goes on," "but i try to think that, its just you and me, but," "always left, at the end of the night, wondering," "wondering wondering, how, i feel, about you girl!" Okay now all the chords you need to play the song are here. Now its just a matter of learning the words and knowing were everything goes. Here is the rest of the lyrics. Verse 2 Lyrics: "I could tell you all the things to make you feel all warm inside," "together we'd go places and have all the times of our lives, yea" "i'd take you on the ferris wheel down by the beach at the fair," Background: (i would take you to the heights to make you scared) i'd knock down the bottles and win you a huge fluffy, fluffy bear Background: (to let you know that i am here) -okay then it goes back to the chorus and at the end i add... - using the chorus chords - wondering wondering how, i feel, wondering wondering how, you feel, wondering wondering could, this be, wondering wondering will you go out with me? | " / " slide up | " x " Mute note Thank you so much for wanting to learn how to play this song! We hope you can learn it with no problems =] if you have any questions about the tabs or wanna check out our music you can find us at myspace.com/adrianwilliamproject <3 TAWP ===============================================================================
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