The Allman Brothers Band – Nowhere To Run tab

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From: (Atasales)
Subject: Re: REQ: "No Where to Run" Allman Brothers

Since I play that song with the co writer every Sunday night (John
Prestia), I'll take this one.

First, the chords are pretty easy, so I'll just tell you what they are.
Bo Diddly intro and verse:  E to A  I play them in open position by the

No one left to run with ............That is a variation of an F#m that plays likee------------------------------------|b------2-----------------------------|g------2-----------------------------| let ring outd----------------4-------------------|a----------------4-------------------|e------------------------------------|
to a Barre A style B chord, back to the open E chord back to the Bo Diddly E to A I will take some time to get you some of the Warren slide and Dicky lead, but if I were you, I'd just jam it like you said. Lyrics: No One To Run With Anymore John Prestia/Dickey Betts Verse1 E A E E A E A E Everybody wants to know where Jimmy has gone He left town, don't think he's comin' back home. Tony's got a job, three kids, and a lovely wife Workin' at the commerce bank for the rest of his life. Chorus F#m B E Nobody left to run with anymore Nobody left to do the crazy things we used to do before Nobody left to run with anymore Guitar Hook Verse 2 I'm gonna hit the road, adios my friend Go someplace and start all over again Don't know where I'm goin', like a gypsy out on the road Go someplace and join a travelin' show. CHORUS Guitar Solo for verse (Warren Slide) Guitar Solo for Chorus (Dickey Straight) Verse 3 I think Jimmy must of had the right idea Packed up his stuff and moved right outta here I don't know where he's at, but I'm sure that he's O.K. Now I realize just what Jimmy's tryin' to say CHORUS Bo Diddley guitar part Tight Ending!
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