The Almost – Hand Grenade chords

So this should be sorta accurate, I know some parts most
likely aren't right, but at least you'll have an idea
how to play it. It's my first tab, so be kind.
Add any corrections!

standard tuning


E----1-----1-1-1------1-----1-1-1--------1----1-1-1-------1--------1-----|B----1h3p--1-1-1------1-----1-1-1--------1h3p-1-1-1-------1--------1-----|G-3--------3-3-3------0h2p--0-0-0------3------3-3-3-------0h2------0h2---|D------------------3--------3-3-3----------------------3--------2--------| V ^ V V ^ V V ^ V
(strum this Dm)E----1-----1-1-1------1--------1--------1-----|B----1h3p--1-1-1------1--------1--------3-----|G-3--------3-3-3------0h2------0h2------2-----|D------------------3--------2--------0--0-----| V ^ V
This repeats through the verses, until right before the chorus:
Dm CI wanna know what's in your plan...
DmIf you're an ocean then
BbI wanna jump right in
FIf you're a hand grenade then
CI'll pull the pin
DmI'll wait right here all night
BbFor you to let me in
FAnd I'll run, run, run, run
CRun right back to you I'll run
Verse 2 (same as verse 1) Bridge
Am DmOh if you could see in me
Bb CYou might be kinda scared
Am Dm Oh if I could just believe
Bb CYou'll take me anywhere
Chorus Ending is same as intro.
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