The American Analog Set – All About Us tab

			     ALL ABOUT US - American Analog Set
Tabbed by: Keith

Tuning: Standard

::Intro/Verse - power chords - slide cleanly from one
 to the next - 5th & 6th string with thumb & forefinger,
 pluck the open D & G strings with index. it's easier, and sounds
 ok, to not complete the F (2nd fret, 3rd string).

G A F G A F G A F G E F E ---------------------------------------------------------------| B ---------------------------------------------------------------| G --------2------------2-0--------2----------2-------------------| D ----------0------------------------0---------------------------| A --5--7--3------5--7--3----5--7--3----5--2--3-------------------| E --3--5--1------3--5--1----3--5--1----3--0--1-------------------|
During verse, the last E is replaced by an A until the last measure
::section between verses ("I'll be the boy in the band...") -alternates between the G & F on the 4th, 5th & 6th string (3rd & 1st frets): G A D --------| A --5--7--| E --3--5--| - end on G, then back to intro/verse tab above
::Riff: (after "'s all about us.") - play twice there's something in between these two - can't make out the guitar, think it might be G to F to E power chords? E ----------------------|--------------------------------------| B ----------------------|--------------------------------------| G ----------------------|-------------------0------------------| D -----0-----0-2-0------|-----0-----0-2-0----------------------| A -0h3---0-3-------3-0--|-0h3---0-3-------3--------------------| E ----------------------|--------------------------------------|
::Last half of the song to outro - same power chords, play just the 5th & 6th strings so you can pick the open 4th string. The slides are more pronounced, too. Pedal the D/G/B string against the chords (time to the snare). Sounds best if you play the power chords with your thumb and pluck the D/G/B strings with a finger. :: 3 times like this, last one finishes with open G (3rd string) instead of D:
E -------------------------| B -------------------------| G -------------------------| D --0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0----| A -5-7-3-7-5-5-2-3-5-3-----| E -3-5-1-5-3-3-0-1-3-1-----|
:: keyboards have started - the open G's start to work in more (first measure is below, eventually you're almost toggling between G & D - then almost all G's, then even a B (2nd string) every now & then. all the notes sound good together, so don't worry about playing them perfectly - just get brighter & darker as it sounds like you should E -------------------------| B -------------------------| G ------------0--------0---| D --0-0-0-0-0---0-0-0------| A -5-7-3-7-5-5-2-3-5-3-----| E -3-5-1-5-3-3-0-1-3-1-----|
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