The Avett Brothers – Signs chords

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In no way do I take credit for this. I'm simply posting it on a more popular site.

G  Bm  G  Bm

G Bm GIt's the place and your friends that got me down
Bm GTelling me I should not hang around
D C GThere's a sign in the window
D C GTelling me I've got to go
DUh uh uh
CUh uh uh
GUh uh uh
G BmI see the signs every day
G Bm GIn your face and in the way that you act
D C GIt's not that that hurts my pride
D C GNow I see the other side of you
D C GThe side that won't let down the side that wont let go
Solo: Not Yet :/ Verse:(Repeat) Didn't mean for me to see the things I see in you and me Now I know that we can live together The way I want to live free forever
DUh uh uh
CUh uh uh
GUh uh uh
DUh uh uh
CUh uh uh
GUh uh uh
End on G It's also fun to fingerpick the top 3 strings as opposed to strumming the entire chord. Would sound nice on a banjo or mandalin, but this works fine: G Bm
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