Offering chords ver. 2 with lyrics by The Avett Brothers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Avett Brothers – Offering chords ver. 2

Offering The Avett Brothers

No capo

G C G Em D7 G (1x instrumental, 1x with "Hmmm")

G CBabe I’m lost
Gcause I don’t know what to say
Em D7Mmmmm, I love you
GWanna make you my wife someday
(G) CDon’t wanna steal you
Gof a young woman’s light
Em D7To me its perfect
GJust wanna do you right
(G) CI’ve known others
Gand I've loved others too
Em D7but I loved them cause they were stepping stones
Gon a staircase to you
Bridge (G) C G Em D7 G (with "Hmmm")
(G) CSometimes I act foolish
GI don’t know what to do
Em D7Please babe try not to judge me
Gfor my offering is true
(G) CAnd I dream of children
Gwe can call our own
Em D7watch em run around in the front yard
Gfrom the front porch of our home----
Bridge G C G Em D7 G
Em D7To me it's perfect
GJust wanna do you right
Outro (G) C G Em D7 G (G) C G Em D7 G
Didn't do this, not sure who did. But I thought it was a better and easier version.
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