The Avett Brothers – Offering chords

                             OFFERING - The Avett Brothers

Tabbed by: Macheeoo

Tuning: Standard

Riff throughout song- G C D G G G/F# Em D Ge|--3-----0--2--3---3--3-----0------2---3-----------------------------------|B|--3-----1--3--3---3--3-----0------3---3-----------------------------------|G|--0-----0--2--0---0--0-----0------2---0-----------------------------------|D|--0-----2--0--0---0--0-----2------0---0-----------------------------------|A|--2--2--3--X--2---2--X-----2--2-3-X---2-----------------------------------|E|--3-----X--X--3---3--2-----0------X---3-----------------------------------|
G CBabe I'm lost
D GCause I don't know what to say
G G/F# Em DHmmm I love you
GWant to make you my wife someday
G CDon’t wanna steal you
D GOf a young woman’s light
G G/F# Em DTo me it's perfect
GJust wanna do you right
G CAnd I've known others
D GAnd I've loved others too
G G/F# Em DBut I loved them cause they were stepping stones
GOn a staircase to you
G CSometimes I act foolish
D GI don't know what to do
G G/F# Em DPlease babe try not to judge me
GFor my offering is true
G CAnd I dream of children
D GWe can call our own
G G/F# Em DWatch 'em run around in the front yard
GFrom the front porch of our home
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