The Bella Cullen Project - Emily tab

Shekiah Rosay here with another Twilight-band tab.  I <3 the Bella Cullen project; I 
when I was counting down to their first CD release. :)  This is a personal fave, even if 

No capo, standard tuning - enjoy!

Intro: D, A (2x)

D  A
          D                 A
Donít you know you stole my man
A  Em
  A                   Em
I thought you were my friend
D      A
Emily, Emily
    G             D
The scars on your face
G         D           G               A
Do not compare to the ones left on my heart

D  A
D                                  A
Donít know how you stand to smile around me
G  D
Oh Emily,
          D                                A
You stole everything from me just cause of destiny
        G                D           A
I donít want to hear you say my name anymore
G  D

D  A
  D                         A
I hope that you and Sam are happy,
    A                Em
But that donít mean I am
D  A
      D                A
Donít invite me to the wedding
G      D   G                     A
Unless you really want to see me cry
G  D
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