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The Black Angels – Evil Things tab

The Black Angels
"Evil Things”
Indigo Meadow
tabbed by smcclure09@yahoo.com

standard tuning

Main riff:e---------------I-----------------------|B---------------I-----------------------|G---------------I-----------------------|D---------------I-----------------------|A----5----------I---------5---7br-7-5---|E-7-----7---7-5-I-5-7-5-7-------------7-|
Vs (continue main riff): I once met you in the killing field Collecting dust, yeah, kicking up blood That was then when we were both people, Doing people things like collecting dreams Hey little darling you’re a dreamer All your archest are so plainly That was in when we were both blind, Taking what was blind Killing all the time We’re the same with new intentions We’re the same with bad intentions Hey little darling you’re a dreamer You’re sweet with your heart in our hand
Bridge: B Be-7---I-7----|B-7---I-7----|G-8---I-8----|D-9---I-9----|A-9---I-9----|E-7---I-7----|
Chs: B A D B Look what we’ve done, never been more blind A D B Every day singing prayers A D B We’re saying we are blameless Organ solo (over main riff) Vs (with main riff): Making love on summer days yeah Making love feels good to me Shaking up on hollow ṗlace Saying up feels good to me That was in when we were both evil Doing evil things like stifle and scream We are good now, we are blameless We are wrong now, we are shameless
Bridge: B Be-7---I-7----|B-7---I-7----|G-8---I-8----|D-9---I-9----|A-9---I-9----|E-7---I-7----|
Outro: B A Love is your drug D B Love is your drug B A Love is your drug D B B Love is your evil A D B Evil, B A We are evil D B This ain’t evil
Chords used: B A De---7---5-----|B---7---5---7-|G---8---6---7-|D---9---7---7-|A---9---7---5-|E---7---5-----|
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