The Black Atlantic – Fragile Meadow chords

Capo 1st fret

Intro: G em

G em Woman, tranquilly laboring
G emat all love's cultivation
bm am embut I do believe oh I am fortunate
bm C emto have met you, woman
G emWoman, how ephemeral our grace is
G emin these wind stricken plains
bm am emBut I do believe, oh it is our fate
bm C emto reside here, woman
D C BAway from the mountains of youth
D C Band safety, oh, In a fragile meadow
C em D In a fragile meadow, fragile meadow
C em Dfragile meadow, fragile meadow
G emWoman, I see you bloom in
G emthis sun, the sun that we have shaped
bm am embut I do believe oh you are my companion
bm C emand true lover, woman
D C BThrough all our rains and wintry
D C Bphases, I have come to love you
C em Dlove you for you, I love you for you 4x
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