The Black Pacific - Living With Ghosts tab

song:  Living with ghosts
Artist: The Black Pacific
Album: The Black Pacific

Feel free to leave comments if you think soemthing is wrong

I can't figure out what is gonig on in the first 12 seconds of the song but heres the rest.

-Intro-starts at 12 secondse|--------------------------|b|--------------------------|g|-------------6-66---------|D|-8-88--4-44--6-66--6667---|A|-8-88--4-44--4-44--6667---|E|-6-66--2-22--------4445---|
-verse-e|---------------------------------| b|---------------------------------|g|---------------6-----------------|D|-8-----4-------6-x8--6-----7-----|A|-8-x8--4-x8----4-----6-x7--7-----|E|-6-----2-------------4-----5-----| There are four of these in one verse palm mute the first two then just play the second two.
the chorus is the same as the intro
-solo-e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| b|------------------------------------------------------------------11--|g|-------6-8-6-8b10-10-10-10-6--8-8-6-6-8-6-8-6-8b10-8b10 8b10r8p6------|D|----6-8---------------------8------8-----------------------------8----|A|--/8------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
those are all the parts of the song listen to the song to get the order
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