The Black Pony – Goodbye Is Like Dying chords

Bm Asus4 G D
Bm Asus4 Em7

DYou shouldn't hurt me so bad
Asus4why do you make me feel sad
Em/Em7bring back the days with those smiling
Dcan't stand the pain it's to much
Asus4my skin it burns when we touch
Em/Em7no one wins when we're fighting
D Asus2You can't shut the door if forever's no more
Bm Asus4 Em7saying goodbye is like dying
Bm take me with you when you leave
Asus4 Em7baby you're the only one that i need
Em F#/Em i'm trying and trying to
Bm Asus4hate you, but i'm crying
Em7 Bmbecause i love you
Asus2 more than i should
Em7goodbye is like dying
My first tab. I know that's not 100% perfect.
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