The Blind Boys Of Alabama - I Shall Not Walk Alone chords

Just an outline of the chord progression.

Band - Blind Boys of Alabama
Song - I Shall Not Walk Alone
Album - Higher Ground

Standrd Tuning EADGBE

E, A, B, C#m
A, B, C#m   x 2
A, B, E

EBattered and torn
A EStill i can see the light
E Tattered and worn
A EBut i must kneel to fight
EFriend of mine
A EWhat can't you spare
EI know some times
A EIt gets cold in there
A B C#mWhen my legs no longer carry
A B C#mAnd the warm wind chills my bones
A B C#mI reach for mother mary
A B C#mAnd i shall not walk alone
Lyrics change on the chorus a bit but that's the outline, enjoy.
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