The Bluebells - Young At Heart tab

The Bluebells - Young at Heart Acoustic

Don't know if its 100% accurate but its how i play it, and it sounds good to me.

Standard Tuning

Intro D, D, G, A


D               D
Young at heart, Yet what a start

G                A
Old before their time

D                   D
They married young, For love at last

G              A
Was their only crime

How come I love How come I love them now ? them more ?E||-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0-----------------|B||-------3---3---------3-0-3---------3---3----------3-2-3/5--------|G||---------2---------------------------4---------------------------|D||--0-------------0------------------------------------------------| A||--------------------------------------------0--------------------|E||-------------------------------3---------------------------------|
Young at heart Your're so Young at heart
E||-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0-----------------|B||-------3---3---------3-0-3---------3---3----------3-2-3/5--------|G||---------2---------------------------4---------------------------|D||--0-------------0------------------------------------------------| A||--------------------------------------------0--------------------|E||-------------------------------3---------------------------------|
Young at heart Yet not a chance To be a child at all They told us tales They told us lies Don't they know The shouldn't have told us at all How come I love them now ? How come I love them more ? When all I wanted to do when I was old Was to walk out the door Young at heart You're so young at heart Young at heart You're so young at heart I think its the same chords right through, but i like to vary strumming patterns. Any feedback welcome Thanks
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