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The Bones – Too Many Miles tab

The Bones - Too many miles @ Burnout Boulevard

tune: E H G D A E

G D Em C

G Too many miles D too many lonely nights Em C this is the way I live my life G a thousand thoughts D too many cigarettes Em C I hate to be here all alone D C feeling lost without your hand on me D C It's too bad that you're not here with me Chorus Em D I need to feel your heartbeat C G D I wanna hear you sing with me Em D Can't take my mind off of you C G D I hope you feel it too G A thousand drinks D too many empty ?chance? Em C Try to sleep - it's not for me G A thousand thoughts D another lonely night Em C I hang my head down and I cry D C I realize how much you mean to me D C Coming home to hear you laugh with me Chorus Chords on solo (I guess it’s true): Em D G D Em C G D Em C G D C Verse with intro solo back: G Too many miles D too many lonely nights Em C Coming home to see your smile G too many drinks D Em C yeah I'm a wreck but it's still me!
Outro: 3/--12--12-11--11-9--11--11-9--9-7--9--9-7--7-5-5Ch/--G----------------D--------------Em----------C
4/--5-4-2-- 5/--3-2-0-5 6/--------3Tabs/ C H A G
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