The Booth Brothers - Peace In The Shelter chords

Intro: C G Oooooo Wonderful Peace
C D G Verse 1:
G CWhen the cares of life seem more than I can handle
D GAnd clouds of doubt have settled in my soul
G CWhen everywhere I turn the storm is raging
D GInto the Savior's loving arms I go
G BmThere is peace in the shelter of His arms
C DA refuge from the storm where I am safe from harm
G BmThrough the strongest winds and pouring rain
C Am D GThere's peace in the shelter of His arms
C D G Verse 2:
G CThere's never been a moment on this journey
D GThat I have been forsaken or alone
G CCause every time I face the unexpected
D GMy Father gently leads through the unknown
Chorus 1x Bridge:
F C GThere's peace that passes all understanding
F Am C DAnd peace that goes beyond all comprehending
Chorus 1x Tag:
C DThere's so much peace
Outro: (same as intro) link:
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