Semi Automatic tab with lyrics by The Boxer Rebellion - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Boxer Rebellion – Semi Automatic tab

Semi-automatic by The Boxer Rebellion

tuning: standard

bass comes in at 0:11

0:11: repeat till 0:46-------------------------|-------------------------|-----------6-------------| hold out-6----4------- ----------|
0:46 repeat till 2:05---------------------------------|-----8---8-----6----6------------|----------------------/6666------|-/66----6---/44----4-------------|
2:13 there are two ways you an play it but either way you play it till 2:59
part 1:------------------------------|------------------------------|-----------------66666666-----|-6666666644444444-------------|
part 2: the high notes can be heard in the backround-------------------------|----888----666-----------|---------------66666-----|-666----444--------------|
pause come back in with guitars
repeat the intro part x2----------|----------|-------6--|-6--4-----|
end on: E---6----
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