The Brilliance - Our God Alone chords

For Key of B
B-F#-G#m- E
B-Eb-G#m- E

Verse 1:
Who formed the mountains?
And filled the oceans?
Our God alone (2x)
Who took the dust and breathed 
Life in us?
Our God alone (2x)

Chorus: Alleluia 

Verse 2
Who came from heaven
For our redemption?
Our God alone (2x)
Who died for sin
That we may live?
Our God alone (2x)

Chorus : Alleluia 

VS. 3- B-F#-G#m-E Who rose again
Death could not win? Our God alone(2x)
F#sus-F#-G#m-EWho is returning
Bringing a Kingdom? Our God alone(2x) B-F#-G#m- E
B-Eb-G#m- EWe will worship, We will worship
Our God alone (2x)
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