The Brilliant Things - Dance chords

This is my first adventure into this world. The song is great fun and rebellious, have fun.


D A D Where do you go when sleep has taken over,
Gyou lose control
G A DAnd all the world around is still
G AOpen your mind
A D GAnd see the world for it's desire
G AIf there's nothing to fear
A DWhy close your eyes
D G DIf you feel like you're not old enough, strong enough
G A DThen just throw it to the stars
G D ADance if you want to, sing like you've nothing to lose
A G You'll have the time of your life
G D A Not caring, who is watching you
A G Cos everyone can believe in the silence
D A Is something worth fighting for
A G It's too late when tou realise
D AYou should have done this before
(add instrumental)
A G D A I feel alive, but I've been dead so many times
G A DLost in the device of life
D G D If you fall, then you can handle it, deal with it
G A DBut there's nothing like the heart
G D ACome on let me see your hands, let me hear your voice
A GSinging out of control
G D AWhen every move we make shows that we don't care
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