The Cab – Temporary Bliss chords

Hey guys, this is an awesome song and no one has tabbed it out so I figured I would do 
it myself. This one's for you Lindsay :)!!!!

The "F" sounds better if it's played an octave higher. thanks.    -Nathan

Verse 1
FI come over, quarter pass two
Eblove in my eyes, blinded by you
Dbjust to get a taste of heaven
CI'm on my knees
FI can't help it, I'm addicted
Ebbut I can't take the pain inflicted
Db Cin the morning you're not holding onto me
FTell me what's the point of doing this every night
EbWhat you're giving me is nothing but a heartless lullaby
Gonna kill my dreams
DbOh, this is the last time
CBaby make up your mind
F EbI can't keep sleeping in your bed
DbIf you keep messing with my head
CBefore I slip under your sheets
Can you give me something please F Eb
DbI can't keep touching you like this if it's just temporary bliss
CJust temporary bliss
Verse 2
FWe were on fire, now we're frozen
EbThere's no desire, nothing spoken
DbYou keep playing
CBut I'm still waiting for your heart
(I keep waiting for it)
FI am fiending for the sunshine
EbTo show our love in a good light
DbGive me reason
CI am pleading to the stars
FI'm your one and only
Fonly when you're lonely
FNa na na na
FNa na na na
(repeat 2 times)
FI'm your one and only
FOnly when you're lonely
Eb Cbaby why you calling me
FNot another one
FNot trying to be your whole life
Eb CI don't want to fall asleep
(repeat 2 times)
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