The Civil Wars – Birds Of A Feather chords

I was hoping to find chords to this wonderful song already on the web, but I had no luck 
with my search.
So here are the chords I came up with after listening to the song carefully.
I had some trouble figuring out how to label each chord because some aren't normal or 
common, but I did my best.
To get the strumming down, I recommend trying to play along with the recording. Enjoy!

D DmWhere she walks, no flowers bloom
Cadd9 G DHe's the one I see right through
D DmShe's the absinthe on my lips
Cadd9 G DThe splinter in my fingertip
F C Dm Dsus2But who could do without you?
F C Cadd9 Asus2And who could do without you?
Verse: She's the sea I'm sinkin' in He's the ink under my skin Sometimes I can't tell where I am Where I leave off and he begins Chorus: But who could do without you? And who could do without you? Bridge:
D Dm Cadd9 G DOh, we're a pretty, pretty pair, yes we are
D Dm Cadd9 GAll, all the king's horses and all of his men couldn't
F C Dm Dsus2 Tear us apart Oooo
F C Cadd9 Asus2 Aaaaah Ooooo
Verse: Dancing with a ball and chain Through it all we still remain Butterflies around the flame Till ashes, ashes, we fade away
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