The Civil Wars – Tip Of My Tongue tab

Hey guys, I just heard this song a little while ago, and I really liked it. Although 
is the only Civil Wars song I'd heard, I decided to give it a shot and learn it by ear. 
what I came up with.

Intro/Verse chords:

Dm, Am, Dm, Am, Dm, Am, E7, and then this sequence ends on this chord:

However, note that this whole song is fingerpicked, so that only certain notes of each is emphasized. In the E7 chord, the guitarist actually does a little slide up from the Am then fingerpicks the E7 so that it looks like this:
e|------------------|B|--------9-10~-----|G|--------7---------|D|------9---7~~-----|A|--5/7-----7~~-----|E|------------------| ---E7---- E4/7(11-|
So there you go. There are little variations for the E7 to E4/7(11) ending in the verse, I'm not gonna tab that crap out. For the chorus, it's pretty simple: Dm, Am, E, Am, Dm, Am, E ... and that's it. Keep in mind that these chords are played up on the neck, not in open For example, the E chords here are not played as
but as
So that's it! Please comment and tell me what you think, and keep in mind this is my attempt at a tablature. Thanks!
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