The Company – Everlasting Love tab

Intro: D9--A/Db-Am/C--G/B--Gm/Bb-- D9/Gb--E-E/Ab-A7sus--A7 pause
D A/Db Am/C G/B I used to be so unhappy and so lonely Gm/Bb D9/Gb-D Love would come and never stay E E/Ab A7sus-A7 pause But that was yesterday D9 A/Db Am/C G/B I was scared to admit I cared for someone Gm/Bb D7 D9/Gb-D Cause my heart would always pray E E/Ab Asus A7sus-A7 But things have changed today. Chorus DM7 Darling, did you know that Em7 Something happened to us DM7 Right before the future and right Am7(9) D7 After the past GM7 Did you smile when you found Em7(9) Bm7 What a wonderful thing it was? Em7 A7sus D9-Em7-DM9/Gb-A7sus pause We found an everlasting love D A/Db Am/C G/B I'm glad we'll go through life together Gm/Bb D9/Gb-D 'Cause when you are by my side E E/Ab A7sus-A7 pause Tomorrow looks so bright D9 A/Db Am/C G/B I'm sure we'll stay in love forever Gm/Bb D7 D9/Gb-D As for all our fears and doubt E E/Ab Asus A7sus-A7 They're all behind us now. (Repeat Chorus except last line) Em7 A7sus This love is everlasting. (Repeat Chorus except last word) D9-Am7(9)-D7 Bridge GM7 Sharing my love with you G7sus Gb7 As we journey through life Bm7 E7-E7 Walking hand in hand GM7 D/Gb But a lifetime seems short E7sus E7 A7sus Bb7sus For a love that'll last till the end of time (Repeat Chorus, except last line moving chords 1 fret higher) Fm7 Bb7sus This love is everlasting. (Repeat Chorus, except last line, moving chords 1 fret higher) Coda Fm7 EbM7 Our hearts have found a love Fm7 EbM7 (We found an everlasting love) Fm7 Bbm7 EbM7 We found an everlasting love. (Music: Luigi De Dios, Lyrics: Rina Cañiza)
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