The Courteeners – Here Come The Young Men chords

D, Em, Bm, G

DI'm in work in an hour and a half
Gand the gin is still fresh on the end of my scarf
DHow long can we keep up with this
F G DAnd if we didnt is there anything that we would miss
D, Em, Bm, G
DThe sun comes up over raven south
F GYou're a raving, misbehaving mouth
D FI never thought that we'd like each other but lo and behold
G D GThis love will last for ever, and ever, and ever
DI'll never show my back to the painting
(cant make this out?) Youth encompassed ready and straight in
DShe look at me like nobody else can
F GEye to eye, eye to eye
D, Em, Bm, G
D GAre we getting older, are we getting wiser
D BmOr are we getting none of the above and does it matter when
G D GThis love will last forever, and ever, and ever and then
Bm F#m EmAnd so the party's finished seratonin has diminished
Bm F#m BmThe curtains become see through and there's a cadbury's flake in the corner
F#m EmAnd we'll be doing it all again, weekend in Burnage was our den
Bm F#mA bond we made together
D Em GThis love will last for ever, and ever, and ever
Outro: D, Em, Bm, G, D
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