The Courteeners – Finest Hour chords

[Verse 1]
A F#mIf I gave you my finest hour
Bm EWould you stick around?
A F#mCause I'm sick of giving my favourite rhymes
Bm ETo girls who just leave town
A F#mOne got married and one had kids
Bm EOne out-priced me in West Dids
A F#mAnd when I see her I try and make amends
Bm EShe put her foot down in her fella's Benz
F#m E D C#m Bm EYou know that I can't compete with that
F#m E D C#m BmI can't compete with that
EIt's a fact
[Verse 2]
A F#mOne did one to Echo Park
Bm EWith an old Pen pal whose now an oligarch
A F#mShe sent my boxes one by one
Bm EAll her exes Xmas's at once
A F#mAnd as I unpacked the Eric shirt and
Bm EThe National prints from the last concert
A F#m Bm EI thought I'll probably never see that girl again
[Outro] C
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