The Creepshow – Creatures Of The Night chords

Intro/outro (chords):  Am, C, F, E.
Intro/outro (riff):  a x3, c, b, a.  f, a, f, e, g#, e.

Am Dm AmI died long ago a legend became of my story
Dm Am EA cold blood thirsty creature who roams in the night
Am Dm EIt was long ago when I abandoned my sweetheart
Dm Am EI'll catch her again give her eternal death from a bite
Am CI am a creature of the night!
D E Am CLurking through the cemetery
D ENo mortal soul will ever catch me
Hiding in hell I feel through the glistening water On this moonlit night I carry her deep through the swamp My mutated heart surrounds her for she is my darling I'll never surrender the beauty that lies in my arms I am a creature of the night! Seeping through the blackened water Listen to the moonlight whisper
Dm AmDarkness our disguise, we can see what's going through your mind
Dm EBreathing our demise, we can see the terror in your eyes…
(E x3, F x3), E. We are the creatures of the night! We're all living in eternal hell We're all bound eternally to hell
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