The Damnwells – Golden Days tab

Golden Days
The Damnwells

Standard Tuning
Capo 1 (Album Version)
No capo (Acoustic Version)

Tabbed from acoustic version but it sounds fine with the album version as well.

-Verse 1-
 G                Am7            D            G
On your mark, get ready, set and run away for good
Gmaj7       B            Em            C    D     G
There’s a bold unbridled lie where my soul once stood
 G             Am7             D                G
Fall apart confetti, come on, cry right on my sleeve
Gmaj7  B               Em             C         Cm
I am just a ghost of hearts that break bittersweet

       Cadd9   D
Am I in tune?
             G                          Gmaj7     Cadd9  D
Yeah, I can’t hear much but the melody coming from you
Baby please don’t rush
               Gmaj7    Cadd9  Em
Keep the tempo slow and blue
        C         D        G
Let me hear the words you say
  B                Em         C         D     G
Let’s go and get tangled in chains of golden days

-Verse 2-
 G               Am7          D               G
Counting down T-Minus 10, 9, wait I still believe
Gmaj7        B              Em        C    D   G
There’s a distance in your eyes only mine can see
 G                 Am7                D                   G
Leave the ground behind us, I’ll be floating ’round your lips
Gmaj7  B             Em         C            Cm
I am just a host of arms holding one fool wish
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