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Restarts - Outsider

G dont listen coz theyre full of shit F C dont need someone telling you that you dont fit you dont meet the status quo dont got the right cloths you aint in the know got my music and i got my escape your transparent world I just cant take acting like a stray but thats okay coz i didnt really wanna belong anyway G D C coz im an OUTsider Intro Riff G dont understand these changes inside F C or how it feels like when worlds collide judgmental clik which you'll never fit vacant outsider degenerate look you up and down with blinded eyes scapegoating you with their ignorant minds flip em the V n let it all hang out this is wot living lifes all about G D C coz im an OUTsider Intro Riff G sexuality within, colour of your skin F C body shape or place of origin all amunition for the other side protecting their own pain deep inside social norms and moral codes these justifications soon will implode Im anti religion and anti state anti greed and anti hate G D C coz im an OUTsider G OUTSIDER-something burning burning inside OUTSIDER-its a freedom freedom denied OUTSIDER-its your life claim it back OUTSIDER-the whole worlds under attack G D C coz im an OUTsider comments: lavazza on UG
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