The Dear Hunter - A Sua Voz tab

capo on 2

E* chord:e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-1------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-2------1-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-2----------4---2---------------------------------------------------------|E|-0-2-4--------------------------------------------------------------------|
chords: E D I'm calling out your name, can you really hear me? C E* And do these words still feel the same? The timbre of your voice is losing its clarity It's feigning transparency but I G E Am struggling to keep my heart from failing G F But every time I do, I find my body caving in G D/F# E my mind just melts away I guess I shouldn't blame you for being ambiguous I know that it's innocent but you are keeping me from building something intimate but I'll give in if you want me to (chorus) (interlude) -You can just improv here, or strum the chords. (chorus)
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