The Dorsey Brothers – Five Foot Two chords

Five Foot Two
Words & Music by Ray Henderson, Sam Lewis & Joe Young, 1925
Recorded by The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, 1953

C E7Five foot two, eyes of blue,
A7Oh, what those five feet can do!
F G C Edim Dm7 G7Has anybody seen my gal?
C E7Turned up nose, turned down hose --
A7Flapper? Yes, sir, one of those.
F G C F CHas anybody seen my gal?
C/B E7Now, if you run into a five foot two
A7All covered with fur,
D7Diamond rings and all those things,
G Gdim Dm7 G7Bet your life it isn't her.
G+ C E7But could she love, could she woo,
A7Could she, could she, could she coo?
F G C Bm7-5 A7Has anybody seen my gal?
F G C F CHas anybody seen my gal?
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