Villain chords with lyrics by The Duke Spirit - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Duke Spirit – Villain chords


Bb-A-D (10th fret)

A each round
G Fis a new start
Aso don't miss
G Fmy favorite part
Athe thrill of you
G Fbursts like rain
Aand now we must part
G Ftry to explain
n.C.oh owwwww owwwwwww
sweep aside all the fake obstacles that made you wait oh here's a way you can't get lost don't forget to turn next time you cross
Bb Ai'm a villain in love
D you're a villain alone (x4)
you look to her with all the devotion of a sweet stray dog all gone don't you stare you know it's rude but don't be afraid to loose ohhhh I watch the view from where i sit try yourself it won't hurt a bit i'm a villain in love you're a villain alone (x4)
Bb Aand i want to follow you
F Ginto your sleep
Bb A D ya i want to give it a try
Bb Awell i want to, follow you
F Ginto your dreams
Bb A Dya i want to give it a try
i'm a villain in love, you're a villain alone (x4) and i want to give it a try well, i want to give it a try ya i want to give it a try, ohhhh well i want too give it a try!
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