The Eames Era – I Dont Mind chords

I noticed that there are almost literally no chords/tabs for The Eames Era, which is 
extremely disheartening. I will try to make some.

I'm a novice guitar player, so a few chords might be off/missing, but something is 
better than nothing. This sounded fine to me when I played it.

Capo 2

G (x16) A

D F#m Em F#m

DAnd I don't mind
F#m EmThat everything's a mess right now
AI could care less
DAnd ideally
F#m EmThat a bit of harm never hurt
D F#m EmI've plotted out a route to take us into a place kinda like
AWhere we're now
D F#m EmExcept this time I think you're gonna need a pair of mittens for
AThe frozen air
GI will gladly
ANavigate things
D GYou look out for sharp rocks
A GBut I do believe I've found that elusive Bering Strait
AAnd if you'd like to we could...
D F#m Em F#m
DSo we'll sit there
F#m EmAnd stare into thin air
Light that match
ANow watch it flare
DAnd kiss hello
F#m EmTo a ground laid with snow
Where nothing's left
ABut frozen air
D F#m EmThere won't be any green I fear on trees or even below
AOur frozen toes
D F#m EmBut the tundras match the clouds at night and on a clear day you can see
ANext Saturday
GBuild our home
AOut of snow
D GFrom the first glacier we find
ABut I do believe I've fallen
GInto a nasty crevice
ALaced with ice so now what?
D F#m Em F#m
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