The Far City Boys – I Have Been Blessed chords

I Have Been Blessed

capo to 4th fret or just do it with F#.


D BmHe works around us in all that He does,
G Aall of His mercy and all of His love.
D BmIf the pen of a writer could write everyday
G A D Dsus DEven this world it could ever contain how much I’ve been blessed.
D Bm Warmth in winter, flowers in spring
G AThe laughter in summer and the changing of leaves.
D BmThe food on the table, a good place to sleep
G AAnd the clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
D Dsus DHow, I have been blessed!
D GI have been blessed
AGod is so good to me
A D A BmAnd precious are His thoughts of you and me
G ANo way I could count them there’s not enough time
D A BmSo I’ll just thank Him for being so kind
G AGod has been good, so-oh good
D Dsus DI have been blessed!
D BmArms that can raise, a voice that can talk
G AHands that can touch and legs that can walk
D BmEars that can listen and eyes that can see
G A D Dsus DOh just got to praise Him as long as I breathe cuz, I have been blessed!
D BmFathers and mothers they nurtured and raised
G ABrothers and sisters and memories made
D BmOur pastor to lead us, the altar to pray
G AStriped that can heal and blood that can save
D Dsus DOh I have been blessed!
Repeat Chorus VERSE 6
D BmNow He’s the shoulder to lean on when I am in doubt
G ARock where He leads me when I am overwhelmed
D BmThat place where He hides me under His wings
G AIts not just a song it’s the reason I sing
D Dsus DOh, I have been blessed!
D G AMy God has been good so-oh good
D G AMy God has been good so-oh good
D G AMy God has been good so-oh good
DI/We have been blessed!
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