The Fiery Furnaces – Rub Alcohol Blues chords


C G-------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------0-----0-----0-----0------------|-----0-----0-----0-----0----0-----0-----0-----0--------------|---4-----4-----4-----4---------------------------------------|-3-----3-----3-----3-----------------------------------------|-------------------------3------3-----3-----3----------------|
C GTroubles up and down the road and trials all the way around
C GI never knew what trouble was till my honey threw me down
C GWith nothing but old ragged clothes my heart strings broken to shreds
C GBlues creeping over my body Queer notions flying in my head
C GThe easiest thing I ever done was loving and drinking wine
C GThe hardest thing I ever done was paying off a judge's fine
C GNo, I've never worked for pleasure peace on earth I cannot find
C GThe only thing I surely own is a worried and troubled mind
Bb AIf men and wine don't kill me the one more plan to find
CI’ll soak up all the old rub-alcohol
Gand ease all trouble off my mind
D CI’ll ease all trouble off my mind, my mind, my mind.
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