The Fleetwoods – Tragedy chords

Left handed
		Tragedy - The Fleetwoods
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

The Fleetwoods
Tragedy (1961)
(Gerald H. Nelson/Fred B. Burch)

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Time signature: 6/8

Capo 1st fret

| Cmaj7 | Dm | Em | Dm |

Cmaj7 Dm [Em] Wind and storm (wah-ooh), gone's the sun (wah-ooh)
Em F From the stars (wah-ooh) my dark has come
Cmaj7 Em Dm C Em You've gone from me, whoa, whoa, tragedy
Cmaj7 Dm [Em] Oh, come back (come back), have me here (right here)
Em F Hold me love (my love) be sincere
Cmaj7 Em F C C7You've gone from me, whoa, whoa, tragedy
F FmLike smoke (like smoke) from a fire (from a fire)
C AmOf love (of love) whoa oh oh whoa
F FmOur dreams (our dreams) have all gone (all gone)
C AmAbove (above) whoa oh oh whoa
C Blown (blown by wind), kissed by the snow
F G F C All that's left is the dark be-ee (below)
C Em F CYou've gone from me, whoa, whoa, tragedy
Em F C(maj7)Whoa, whoa, whoa tragedy
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