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The Frank And Walters – Saturday Night tab

Saturday Night - The Frank And Walters


Lead (8 bars):e-----------------------------------3-------------3--------|B-5-5-5-3---3---5-5-5-3---3---5-5-5---6-5---5-5-5----6-5---|G---------5-------------5----------------------------------| (x2)D----------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------|
Bass (each note lasts one bar):G----------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A-3--------2---------0-------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------3--------1--------1-------3------3-|
intro ends on sustained B5 C Em You know we'll never find Am The kind of peace of mind G That we all deserve C Em When we don't have a care Am There's always something there G To bring us back to earth Chorus: Dm G You're saving it up for a Saturday night G You're waiting a week Em And now you're feeling alright Am You're saving it up for a Saturday night G Saturday night Bridge: C Can't you see why that there's a reason F Why we all have to cry And there's a reason Dm Why we feel insecure And have enough G But still we want to have more C All of our lives F We keep on looking for a happier time Dm Feeling the pain We keep on learning G And we'll be back again C Em When everything is wrong Am And nowhere to belong G And when your spirit's low C Em It's time to just pretend Am That there's a happy end G Until the feeling goes Chorus, Bridge Solo:
Lead (8 bars) Lead (4 bars)e------------------| e---3-7-8-7-8-7-8-7-8------|B-------------3----| B-0------------------------|G-4-5-4-5-4-5---5--| (x8) G--------------------------| (x4)D------------------| D--------------------------|A------------------| A--------------------------|E------------------| E--------------------------|
Bass (each note lasts one bar) Bass (each note lasts one bar)G------------------| G-------0------------------|D------------------| D-0-2-3--------------------|A-3-2-0------------| A--------------------------|E-------3-1-1-3-3--| E--------------------------|
solo ends in extended screeching e10 Bridge x2 Outro: Lead repeatedly plucks e8 Bass A3, A2, A0, E3, E1, E1, E3, E3, A3
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