The Fray – Heartbeat tab

Here are the tabs for The Fray's Heartbeat: (including 3 guitar parts)
There were no real tabs yet, so I learned this by ear, so I'm really sorry
if there are mistakes or if it's not 100%
the way how The Fray play it!

Check out my cover on youtube:

(I don't own good recording gear, hope you still enjoy!!!)


Tuning: Standard
Capo 2nd
Clean or slighty distorted

Chord structure:

       Em7     C add9     G     G sus2

Recommended strumming pattern: D D DU U UD DUDU The chords change at the beginning/end of the pattern AND at the 2nd Up stroke!!! For example: Em7: D D DU C add9: U UD DUDU G: D D DU G: sus2: U UD DUDU To get the feeling of the rhythm right you have to lift up your fingers a lil at the 2nd up stroke of the pattern. That catches the tune pretty good in my opinion! (hard to explain.. check out my cover to make sure!) Verse: Chords of the chorus palmmuted, downstrums only (I let the very last 3 strokes of the G sus2 ring out.. only the D G B and high E string) .... 2nd Chorus ending, right before the bridge: play a... C add9 G Em7 ...and let it ring out... (1 Downstrum each) Bridge: E5 G sus 2
e|-------------------------3------|B|-------------------------3------|G|-------------------------2------|D|------2------------------0------|A|------2-------------------------|E|------0-------------------------| PM
stay a while on the E powerchord with palmmuted downstrums only, at the end play the G sus2 like above kinda open... After that another chorus.. End the song with 1 Downstrum each on: C add9 G Em7 ... that's it! :) __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ------------ Guitar2: ------------ Tuning: Standard distorted Not 100% sure what's going on there during the chorus, but I play an A powerchord (as an octave higher) which sounds pretty nice: Chorus: A5
strum that chord open, lift up your fingers at certain points to catch the tune correctly... (same pattern like guitar 1) Verse:
e|----------------5-----------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----6---6-7---6----6---6-7---6----| Play this 9 times until you goD|----------------------------------| into the next chorusA|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
(at the 2nd verse this is played 11 times, if I counted correctly..) 2nd Chorus ending, right before the bridge: 1 Downstrum each on: A5 A5 (no idea how that last chord is called, but it sounds nice played clean..)
Bridge: E5
e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|------2-------------------|A|------2-------------------|E|------0-------------------| PM
stay a while on the E powerchord with palmmuted downstrums only, at the end play the E powerchord kinda open, right before you go into the last chorus... Ending: 1 Downstrum each on: A5 A maj Triad (sounds nice with an open D in the base!! )
... that's it! :) ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ------------ Guitar3: ------------ Tuning: Standard distorted The fun part in the very beginning of the song:
b = bend to.. ~~ = let ring Verse (this could be part of the piano, but I clearly hear this on the recording, and it kicks in a bit after guitar 2...) sounds sweet... 1st time: around 0:30 2nd time: around 1:34
e|---------------------------------------|B|------------10-------------------------|G|----9h11--9----9h11--9-----------------| Repeat it 5xD|---------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
h = hammer on.. In the end this is played again, including the ending of the song:
___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ This is how I play the song. This was learned by ear! so I'm aware that it's probably not 100% the way how The Fray play it. Check out my cover on youtube: Hope you enjoy it!
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