Get It Together tab with lyrics by The Go Team - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Go Team – Get It Together tab

There are basically two chords for the intro, Gsus4 and Dsus4. I play them as follows:

Gsus4:         Dsus4:
 E|3            E|10
 B|3            B|10
 G|5            G|12
 D|5            D|12
 A|5 (or 3)     A|12 (or 10)
 E|3            E|10

The parentheses are an alternative way of playing it that also sounds good.

Following that, it goes (for the most part) G, D, C.

And then there's this part, which I'm not even sure if a guitar is playing but its the 
transcribed to guitar:

It's not perfect but it's my first tab ever so go easy on me.
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