Herculean chords with lyrics by The Good The Bad And The Queen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Good The Bad And The Queen – Herculean chords

D Bb F CStanding on the dark canal, by the gasworks
D Bb F CCelebrate the ghost gone by, when the love hurts
F CAnd the medicine man here 24/7
F CYou can get it fast in Armaggeddon
F C Everyone on the way to heaven
Gm D Bb F CSlowly
Em D Bb F C Em D
D Bb F CCall for prayer is common round here, in the morning
D Bb F CWash our faces go to work, there is no warning
F CThat it all gets better when life is straight
F CIt's bigger than you, the welfare state
F CWe'll keep singing, it's not too late
Gm D Bb F CFor you
D Bb F C
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