The Graduate – Formula tab

Here are the chords to my favorite Graduate song. I sure wish I could learn the tapping 
It's sick. Live, they play this a full step down, but on the CD, I think it's standard. Enjoy!

G                             Bm
It's safe to say that I'm not okay, that's what I get for waiting
C                                Em                D          
Patiently is not for me, now I'm up all night with you and cheap champagne
I haven't thought of you in days, that's right I'm through relating
C                                    Em             D
Calculating lines and scenes, 'cause in the end I'm here to entertain

C                              D                                   Em
I've got a good thing goin' tonight, I just can't stand to see you go
Oh, take me home

C                       D             Em     G
Tell me what you wanted, I will never know

That's about it.
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