The Hail Seizures – Daddy chords

Very simple song. Very heartfelt song. Here it is.

Verses are Em, C, G, D, 4/4 time, one bar a piece.

on the day I was born you were 41
my mom she was 28
and we lived together for a couple of years and
everythign was great
until one day you went insane
and we moved to Yakima to live with my grandma

choruses are, counting 16ths, Em three beats, C three beats, G for ten beats.
but that wasn't the end of you
a big part of me
would have much preferred
to have never met you

and it was a while ago that you would
come to visit me once every other week
and we woudl go do fun things like
go to the country fair but my favorite place
was the cabin by the lake
the last time I was there, I was eight

I would like to go there again
maybe with you
we could hunt for tadpoles
climb in through the windows

and your father grandpa Watkins was the sweetest man alive
he showed me all the beautiful things in Naches Heights
we used to ride on four wheelers through orchards to
uncle Earl's to eat cheese sandwiches
and those pink pickled eggs

I found out he died
a few years back
i wish i would have visited him
you were right about that

and it was my tenth birthday the last
time you came to visit me
we sat at Red Robin with milkshakes
and you made a necklace for me
on three strings, garnets and bones
and other beads, we finished up
then you said your last goodbye to me

all these memories are
all i have left of this
fucked up history that
i can't forget

here there's a break, on the record it's solo cello and then the guitars come in later
but I jsut strum it with the following power chords, basically jsut following the vocal melody

A, B

A Byou had called to say
C Byou would be three hours late
Abut that three hours turned into
Ga week and then a month,
A F#and now ten years and no word...
and back to the verse riff, once more ith intensity! and today you might be sixty-four my mom she is fifty-one and we all live our own lives and to me I wish you were no one, but the hardest part of reality is what seems to be between you and me Do the chorus riff five times though, end on a G. This song appears on both For the Ruin and Fucked Up Zoo. Fucked Up Zoo is out of circulation at the time of this post but you can buy For the Ruin for 12 bucks for a CD, 6 bucks for a digital download from black powder press, or you can order a copy from the Seizures themselves if you write to them. I can be contacted at ghytwembpang at gmail dot com. Question, concerns, comments, corrections etc. are welcome and appreciated.
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