The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road True Detective Theme chords

The Handsome Family- Far From Any Road

You may know this as the theme song from the excellent new HBO show "True Detective" 
starring Woody Harrelson and ol' Matt McConaughey.


Intro: Am

Am EFrom the dusty May sun
Dm AmHer looming shadow grows
Am EHidden in the branches
Dm Amof the poison creosote
CShe twines her spines up slowly
GTowards the boiling sun
DmAnd when I touched her skin
F AmMy fingers ran with blood
Am EIn the hushing dusk
Dm AmUnder a swollen silver moon
Am EI came walking with the wind
Dm AmTo watch the cactus bloom
CAnd strange hands halted me,
GThe looming shadows danced
DmI fell down to the thorny brush
F AmAnd felt the trembling hands
Am EWhen the last light warms the rocks
Dm AmAnd the rattlesnakes unfold
Am EMountain cats will come
Dm Amto drag away your bones
CAnd rise with me forever
GAcross the silent sand
DmAnd the stars will be your eyes
F AmAnd the wind will be my hands
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